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Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to align the hull an deck when joining them.

 I need help on joining the deck and hull of my Petrel Hybrid boat.  Once out of the forms, the hull sucked in and the deck overlaps, I have sanded a lot off. but wonder what else to do. I put wooden dowels in to push the sides out, but dont know if the fiberglass will hold once it sets up and the dowells are taken out. No hurry, deck and hull have been finished for a while.


When you're building a strip boat, or a hybrid with stripped deck,you need to use spreaders to keep the hull and deck very close to shape and size.  Hopefully you are installing bulkheads at the front and back of the cockpit.  That will help keep it to shape in that area.  Temporary spreaders will help hold it while the epoxy sets up.  I put goopie (epoxy/wood flour mixture) on the edge as well to help hold it.  Then tape the outside edge, sand, and do a fill coat over the tape.  At that time you should be able to remove the spreaders and tape on the inside.  I use to use tape on the inside, but now I do something different in locations where it's hard to reach--like small hatches.  I still use tape in the cockpit area, but in the hatches I use  seam gluing strip.  A gluing strip just another shaped and epoxied strip added at the joint line to help align, hold, and add strength. 

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